The Lasso Difference

Our patent-pending product mimics Kinesio-Taping with compression technology that creates pressure along the ankle muscles and ligaments. Lasso meets at the intersection of form and function to protect the user from common injuries, while still allowing them to strengthen surrounding muscles and perform without limits of a brace.

The best part - Lasso is not just for rehabilitation, but is best used for injury prevention. It is truly a new kind of activewear. 

Protecting Athletes Against Ankle Inversion and Eversion Sprains

For athletes, ankle-related issues are among the most common athletic injuries leading to missed practices and time spent benched during a game. Rather than waiting until it’s too late, sports injury prevention is crucial for runners, soccer players, football players and any other competitors on the field.

Compression socks act as a first line of defense for your legs and ankles by strengthening muscles and keeping joints stabilized during intense gameplay. Lasso compression socks can be used for common ankle injury prevention, such as:

Ankle Inversion Sprains 

These types of sprains occur when the foot is twisted outward, overextending the outer ligaments of the foot. Many athletes trust ankle taping to prevent ankle inversions, but this method can be complicated and time-consuming, and also weakens overall muscle strength over time. 

Lasso’s compression socks are designed with HyperCompression™ technology which mimics Kinesio-Taping, without compromising overall ankle strength. Ankle taping tends to only be effective for the 30-minutes of training, but Lasso’s athletic socks keep ankles safe for the entirety of your workout.

Eversion Ankle Sprains 

Less commonly, tears of the deltoid ligaments on the inside of the ankle can occur, called an eversion ankle sprain. The deltoid ligaments provide support to the ankle and prevent it from turning inwards. When jumping to dunk a basketball or reaching to block a soccer ball, landing awkwardly on the foot in a way that turns it outward can cause an eversion sprain.

Using SmartSupport™ technology, Lasso’s athletic compression socks stabilize ankles and provide arch support to protect against eversion ankle sprains. Our graduated compression socks deliver the highest amounts of compression to the ankle, gradually decreasing in pressure up the calves. This reinforces the ligaments and tendons in the ankle, reducing the risk of ankle rolls by up to 75%.

Don’t let a sports injury slow you down. Get your pair of Lasso athletic compression socks to prevent these common sports injuries and more.