Engineered For Movement
Lasso's patented compression patterns train and activate your body to move properly. Plus they feel amazing.
Tape Meets Socks

Our patented compression patterns mimic the benefits of kinesiology tape.

Better Movement. Medically Proven.

In a study of 35 athletes, featuring 12 other sock brands, Lasso Socks were shown to have the greatest objective influence on the entire musculoskeletal system via the foot receptors. In fact, athletes in the experiment also noticed shorter recovery times due to the graduated compression within Lasso Socks.

Lasso Socks were tested by Domenico Gurzi, Head of Sports Science and Biomechanics of Human Movement at IBS Gesundheit GmbH. Domenico is a well-known scientist who evaluates sports performance and movement products from the top brands in the world.

Lasso Socks Train Your Feet To Perform Better

Our graduated compression helps improve blood circulation and reduces swelling to improve performance and recovery time. Lasso's SmartSupport weave structure improves musculoskeletal alignment by supporting the arch, foot and ankle to improve foot load distribution and train your feet to perform as intended in order to prevent strain, pain and stress to the lower body.

The Importance of Support and Compression

The arch of your foot is designed so that it can bear your body weight and absorb shock when you’re active. From the ground up, your feet and arches are intended to create balance and provide stabilization for the entire body.

Arch support improves stability and thrust by distributing pressure evenly across your feet and creating optimal foot pronation. When the pressure is even across your feet, you establish functional pronation and your foot is able to act as intended to create improved alignment of your entire body. Functional pronation of the arch can improve your posture and your sense of balance due to even support.

Without arch support, your feet may tire easily, especially during activity. It can also cause pain in the arches and heels because the lack of support strains muscles and ligaments. Poor foot arch support can also lead to abnormal stress on the knee and hip, causing discomfort and pain in these joints as well. Feet can overpronate causing uneven weight distribution and misalignment of the ankles and legs thus causing knee and hip stress.

Lasso socks create functional pronation by supporting the foot medial arch and distributing foot pressure evenly through the foot. This creates the ideal shock absorption and pressure distribution of your foot load to provide better balance and stability to the entire body.

By creating functional pronation and by adding ankle kinesiology tape style support, Lasso socks stabilize the flexor hallucis longus muscle and helps align the vertical leg axis to prevent stress to the knee and hips.

Without compression, blood will settle and pool in your lower legs during activity. This pooling causes swelling of the the feet and ankles and reduces the amount of blood returning to the heart and brain. It will also slow down recovery time as fresh oxygenated blood struggles to return and help with repair and recovery.

Lasso's performance compression swaddles your joints, ligaments and tendons for support while preventing blood from settling in the feet and ankles.