Lasso Athlete Spotlight: Julia Ashley

Lasso Athlete Spotlight: Julia Ashley

Professional soccer player, Julia Ashley is an athlete’s athlete. She’s won State championships. She’s attacked National championships. She’s been captain of the team and she’s learned from her peers. She leads by example and she’s an honest competitor. And, it’s no surprise, she loves soccer! 



Lasso performance socks have become a pivotal part of Julia’s training and game time routine and have also been a major part of her recent recovery process. Full circle, the benefits of Lasso have been supporting Julia through the ups and downs of injuries and success; training and playing, and after her recent injury, we’re excited to see her back on the field playing better than ever.

Julia’s involvement in soccer started at a young age. She joined the Montclair Colchesters at seven years old and has not looked back ever since. “Although I played basketball, lacrosse, and ran track, I loved soccer from the start,” she tells us. “I was very fortunate to have many friends near my hometown who were excellent soccer players on my team as well as fantastic coaches that shaped me into the player and person I am today. Our club expanded and we became the Matchfit Colchesters. Early on, we played in boys leagues and eventually won four New Jersey State Soccer Championships.” 



As mentioned, Lasso athletic socks have been an essential part of Julia’s training and recovery regiment. She has utilized the compression benefits on and off the field and has found the simple, effectiveness she needs to recover safely while improving her game. “Since wearing Lasso socks, I've noticed reduced soreness after training because of the compression as well as the advanced foot and arch support,” Julia explains. “Typically, I wear the crew performance compression socks for training and the knee high performance compression socks when I travel for games. Lasso socks enable me to minimize inflammation and that is crucial for my recovery process.” 

Julia tells us her athletic journey has been a fantastic experience, from the relationships she's built to the places she's been. "I've met such a diverse, competitive, fun group of people along the way and developed long lasting relationships. I was the captain of the Matchfit Colchesters FC as we won four New Jersey State Cup Championships. We also competed in the National Championships twice."



After her time in New Jersey, Julia moved on to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was a four-year starter at UNC, two year captain and named an All American her senior year. But the road to get here wasn't paved without a few challenges. 

"We played in the NCAA tournament all four years, making it to the College Cup twice and the National Final once," Julia explains. "But along the way, I've experienced many challenging injuries."

During these moments of setback and adversity, Julia was given the opportunity to learn a lot about herself, her body, and how to respond in those tough situations. While some athletes would just throw in the towel, Julia stayed positive, kept working hard, and is playing better than ever. We're glad that Lasso performance socks have played a role in aiding these issues on her road to recovery and assist in making her the exceptional athlete she is. 



Julia's drive is clear and apparent on and off the field. It takes a certain type of person to possess this drive, and Julia wears it on her sleeve. "I was drafted #6 overall in the 2019 NCAA college draft, but opted to play overseas in Sweden," she tells us. "I also played in the Australian W-League for Adelaide United." From time spent overseas to exhausting, yet rewarding training sessions, Julia is happy to be playing back in the States, succeeding and learning from every match she plays. "I'm currently playing for Racing Louisville in the NWSL. I've always had an internal drive to be the best I can be at whatever task is at hand and that's how I approach soccer. I genuinely strive to be the best possible me in every training session, gym session, recovery session, and of course, on match day." 

Another one of Julia’s strengths is her ability to lead by example. She demands a high standard from herself, and as an extension of that, her teammates as well. “I compete to win at every task, listen before talking and have compassion and understanding for my teammates and friends,” Julia tells us. “I believe my strengths as a teammate and a person are the same,” she adds. “I do my best not to differentiate between the two.” 


“On a day to day basis, I demand that my athletic equipment puts me in the best position possible to feel good on the pitch. Lasso socks provide the ankle stability, foot and arch support, and compression that my feet need to play my best.”


In order to play and compete at the highest level, access to the best athletic equipment is crucial. These little details can make all the difference when it comes down to performance and recovery, which is something Julia found in Lasso socks. “On a day to day basis, I demand that my athletic equipment puts me in the best position possible to feel good on the pitch,” she says. “Lasso socks provide the ankle stability, foot and arch support, and compression that my feet need to play my best.” The wear and tear on athlete's bodies vary, but one underlying theme is the importance of safe recovery and the eagerness to get back to doing what they love. One of our most relentless missions at Lasso is exactly that—to move better, recover safely and keep doing what you love in the best way possible. The phrase Stay Moving is more than encouragement—it's a lifestyle. 



Most athletes just can’t sit still. They let their actions amplify every moment and were simply born to move. Julia Ashley is no different. There’s a spark inside of her that is constantly flashing. There’s a light inside that won’t go out. And we’re excited to see her progress in the sport and move forward with confidence. She epitomizes the Stay Moving lifestyle, and we’re here for it. “I have only one gear, and that's moving forward and at an accelerated pace!” says Julia with enthusiasm. “I love being healthy, active and on the go. It's the way I'm wired. And as they say—there's no traffic on the extra mile!”



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