Athlete Spotlight: JC Clough

Athlete Spotlight: JC Clough

JC CLOUGH DOES IT ALL. From sprinting to triathlons; volleyball to CrossFit; boxing to snowboarding—his favorite athletic discipline can’t be pegged to one theme. That's why he epitomizes Lasso's Stay Moving mantra. Fun fact: He's also not afraid to randomly break out into a celebratory dance and bust a move from time to time!



He's the type of person who needs to be moving at all times and because of this, JC has carved out a very fulfilling, active lifestyle for himself. But with all this activity often comes wear and tear on your body. That’s why JC only trusts Lasso performance socks to assist in the areas he needs to put in work and recover safely. It's a never ending cycle, one that we here at Lasso admire.  

JC's involvement in athletics started at a young age. He was six years old when he started running and soon after started entering local races. From there, a snowball effect occurred. "I am not even sure where to start when it comes to the athletic disciplines I enjoy," JC explains. "As a kid I was focused on winning but as I grew and learned from others around me, I became in love with the idea of personal growth and what our bodies are truly capable of accomplishing." Adding a little to this, JC tells us, "I started running at the age of six with my father each weekend at local races and made it into a D1 college for track and field/cross country!"



From there things really started to ramp up. JC began competing in triathlons, marathons, OCRs, volleyball, and local CrossFit competitions. Through his own success and personal growth, he became a coach for boxing, volleyball, running and overall functional fitness to help others around him. 

Athletes like JC need the best gear available to be the best versions of themselves. Through some research and an unfortunate accident, Clough stumbled upon Lasso socks and has never looked back. "I did a lot of personal research on gear that would stabilize my ankle after getting tripped in a competitive 800m track race and tearing a ligament in my ankle," JC tells us. "After trying many support wraps that advertised themselves as having a 'natural feel', they always felt like I was wearing a brace, which isn't very efficient for a runner. Once I wore a pair of Lasso performance socks, I stopped all the research."



As far as training, recovery and living his active lifestyle, Lasso socks have provided JC with just enough confidence for stability in his ankles without limiting his personal drive to grow as an athlete. He tells us, "I need to be able to push the limits with a support system not a controlling one. Lasso socks might not prevent the rolling of the ankle like a stiff brace can, but that's what makes them so great!" Emphasizing on this notion, JC says, "They are thick enough to resist any kind of blistering on long runs but thin enough to not attract too much heat. They are also super durable. Most socks have wear and tear but I'm still rocking my first pair!" 

Trust, simplicity, durability, and performance are four things JC demands in athletic equipment. For him, the simpler and more effective his gear can be, the better. This is yet another reason JC's lifestyle and Lasso's technology mesh so well. "My Lasso socks don't take forever to put on, they match with almost everything, they don't need straps," JC explains. "And they allow just enough mobility for me to push the limits!" 



The last year or two have brought with them many ups-and-downs, both personally and professionally. We've all gotten a small taste, and JC was no different. "2020 and 2021 have no doubt been strange as far as competing against anyone but myself," says Clough. "A few goals that I had for 2021 and already accomplished include qualifying for the Hyrox National Championship and running under the five-minute mile barrier once again as I did in college. I usually look to set goals for 3-4 month challenges because as a coach I have seen a lot of athletes start to lose focus after this."

Currently, JC is splashing his feet into the world of trail racing, which he tells us is something he has always been hesitant of due to previous ligament injuries. Thankfully, Lasso running socks are the greatest compliment to any trail run. "The goals to set here are hard because the climb in elevation and depletion of oxygen differ at each race," explains JC. "Traveling to extreme heights and challenging local mountain runners has been great so far but I aim to make the podium at one of these peak trail races."



Athletes are often hard on themselves; they will always be their own biggest critics. JC tells us, "I can be pretty hard on myself sometimes with my expectations. My challenges include previous injuries and just wanting to be the best version of myself. That's another reason why I enjoy trying new things. It refreshes my mind and body and reminds me that you can always learn something, especially from the losses."

JC's personal and professional strengths are vast. One of the most important qualities about JC as an athlete/coach is that he leads by example. He tells us he often works out with athletes he trains because he respects those around him who don't just talk the talk but walk the walk. From coaching to training, he's a great person to have on your team. "My experience and ability to relate to my athletes is one of my biggest strengths," says JC. "I have never been the runner with the longest stride or the biggest guy with a barbell in his hand but I have never let that stop me from working hard to achieve my goals. I focus on the challenges in front of me and try not to worry about how much I can control."



JC is as inspiring to others as he is motivating. He does a great job achieving a healthy lifestyle and although he takes his health and fitness seriously, he's having fun while he does it all—and it shows! We're honored to have JC as part of the Lasso family and can't wait to see him crush more goals in 2021. We're surely here for it! 

"We often take the choice to be healthy for granted. It's easy to be forgotten about and placed on the back burner," JC concludes. "But I stay moving because one day I may not have the choice." 




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