How Do Compression Socks Help Runners?

How Do Compression Socks Help Runners?

Men spend thousands of bucks on those elite sets of pairs of shoes to make them comfortable in every angle. While on the other hand, go on relying on their antique pairs of cotton socks between that pricey shoe and foot.

Let’s consider another scenario. You are a runner and you have been giving it all, sprinting on the tracks. As of lately, veins have protruded beneath the skin and your legs seem to be heavier than before. Muscles don’t promise as much flexibility as before. The occurrence of leg cramps has been on a significant rise.

That’s where compression socks come handy!

Well, to be honest, compression socks do not possess the style factor unlike fancy ankle length socks. But they possess a wide range of benefits and are prescribed by doctors all over the globe. Not only, they provide comfort to the aching tiring legs to the runner but also,

useful for any person standing all day long for work or people over 65 years of age.

What Exactly Are Compression Socks?

Ordinary socks are generally made up of cotton, or a blend of cotton and polyester. They come in a wide range of lengths varying from ankle length to knee length or more. The main function of such socks is to evaporate the huge amount of sweat the body secretes in summer and absorbs it, keeping our feet cool all day long.

Socks made of cotton or wool in chilly conditions assist warm cold feet, reducing the danger of frostbite. They are wholly made for providing softness to the wearer instead of medical reasons.

What Magic Do They Possess?

Let’s touch upon the biological system pertaining to compression socks in a nutshell.

The human heart pumps fresh, oxygenated blood into the various channels of the body via veins. Upon pumping, the blood gets depleted, mixing with various secretions and chemicals inside and needs to be replenished, which requires re-pumping it back to the heart.

The blood in the veins of your legs and lower section has to go against gravity to reach the heart. As a result, the veins and arteries there get inefficient and weak. 

That’s where compression socks come handy.

They apply pressure at your calves and ankles, due to which the blood flow to the heart easen up, thanks to the continuous and gentle squeeze on the bottom.

A less known, yet another absolute miraculous stuff compression socks brings to the table is it inhibits the production of lactic acid.

Lactic acid is secreted after strenuous running at a long stretch in the body which results in fatigue and soreness.

These specially designed socks recover legs from all the fatigue and toxins released, giving you fresh, tireless legs to give the toughest fight to your competitor.

Finding The Perfect Fit

A thing to take note of is that improper sized stockings may lead to adverse effects. Excess pressure on the calf muscles may lead to blockage of blood circulation and clots.

Therefore, proper fitting of compression socks is a must to get your desired benefit out of it.

These socks have 3 categories:

  1. Less than 15 mm Hg - Sufficient for most runners
  2. 15 to 20 mm Hg - Useful for ultrarunners or marathoners
  3. 20 to 30 mm and higher - Prescribed to pregnant mothers to help cure varicose veins 


Thus, compression socks are very beneficial for runners. 

While these socks provide the healing factor and a feel-good essence to the runner, it doesn’t assure your performance as well. And so do no socks in the world!